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Feb 28, 2020

Today you’re being reminded that it isn’t all up to you.

When you set an intention, have a goal or create a clear vision for your future, it isn’t all up to you to make it become a reality.

Don’t become so focussed on the outcome that you forget to allow other experiences to unfold, or let other opportunities...

Feb 27, 2020

Today you’re being reminded that stopping is also productive.

It’s important to give yourself time to take a pause, to rest and relax.

Put everything you’re doing to one side.

Put it all down.

Put your feet up.

And just relax.

Focus on your breathing and let your body sink into whatever’s beneath it; a chair, a...

Feb 26, 2020

Today you’re being reminded to surrender and let go of control.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up.

Letting go means you’re allowing your ancient wisdom, and your deep inner knowing to take over.

You’re allowing your soul to guide you and show you the way.

You’re surrendering to something bigger than...

Feb 25, 2020

Today you’re being reminded to speak from your heart.

Clearly communicate your truth.

Give yourself permission to say what’s in your heart.

Stand tall and take up space with your voice.

Your words have power.

Use them to uplift and inspire yourself and others.

There is magic and connection created when you share...

Feb 24, 2020

Today you’re being asked to let yourself grow.

Some days you need to take action and push forward to complete the things that you’ve been working on.

Today is not that day.

Today is about stepping out of your own way and allowing yourself to emerge and events to unfold.

Allow yourself the space to grow naturally.