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Jun 29, 2018

Today's SHEroScope for Friday the 29th June

Today you’re being reminded to embrace all of you.

In a world that’s constantly telling you how you should look, act and behave, what you should’ve achieved and what you need so that you can be deemed as ‘successful’, (which of course is all measured by someone else’s ideals…) It can be hard to embrace yourself, especially
if you don’t fit within these narrow standards.

But what if you decided to start with acceptance.

To accept your body, your hair, your stomach, your skin, just the way it is.

To accept this moment of your life, wherever you find yourself.

To accept, instead of measuring yourself against someone else’s ideals and expectations.

To accept this moment, as just that; a moment.

A moment that is the foundation for your next step, your next decision, your next action.

Today’s Affirmation: “I accept all aspects of my life just as they are right now”