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Dec 27, 2019

Today you’re being reminded that you are absolutely allowed to take your time, to go slow and move at your own pace.

You’re excited about what you want to do next, but you might not be sure on your next steps.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to really feel into and explore what is right for you.

Don’t let anyone else try and make you decide or take action faster than is comfortable for you.

Take your time to get clear.

Feel into what your current needs are.

Anything that feels pressured or rushed is not the right option for you.

If you feel like making a quicker decision so that you’re accepted or aren’t seen as making a fuss, it’s not the right time for you to make the decision.

Give yourself time so that you can get clear and make the decision from a centred place, a place that supports you and has your best interests at heart.

In this very moment, just pause and take a breath, as you take your time and slow down.


Today’s SHEro Action:

Today’s SHEro action is to strengthen your boundaries and give yourself time and space to think things through.

Think about a decision(s) that you have to make, and then really feel into the outcome would support you the most in your life.

How can you ensure that you have the time and space to make a clear decision, one that has the best outcome for all involved, one that doesn’t compromise your values and boundaries?

Even if someone else is pressurising you for a quicker response, slow down and sink deep into your own knowing, and trust that you have the answers you need.

Pause, and take a breath. As you create space for yourself.


Today’s Affirmation:

“I give myself the gift of making time and space to make my decisions”