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Jun 1, 2021

Our society values logic.

We love to gather the information, and the more detail we can uncover, the better. We pore over it, analysing and comparing it to other data. Then we make a choice, confident that it’s right, because we made it logically and rationally.

Whereas we view intuition very differently. We gather...

May 25, 2021

Everyone can access their intuition. Absolutely everyone. No exceptions.


Some people find connecting to their intuition easier than others do, but it’s a skill that can be learnt and practised. And the more you practise, the easier it becomes.

You may doubt your intuition because its quiet whispers are drowned out...

May 18, 2021

I used to think tarot reading was about prediction

The first tarot reader I ever went to see was recommended by a friend. I went along to ask about a new relationship I was in.

Would it work out?

Were we a good match?

Looking back, giving someone I hardly knew the power to say whether my relationship was right for me or...

May 11, 2021

How do you view power?

Many of my clients want to ‘own their power’, and yet they have a distorted relationship with power itself.

When they think about their own power, they know it’s an important part of themselves. They also recognise that they’ve given it away, as they feel disempowered. Others feel that...

May 4, 2021

The stigma of disloyalty

The other day, I asked a client of mine if she was loyal.

She looked at me, horrified. “Of course!” she said to me, half surprised and half indignant that I’d even asked – as if she’d be anything else!

“Yes,” I replied, “and that’s the problem.”

You see, there’s an...